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Corporate Gifts

Show your appreciation to staff, clients and suppliers with a My Collective Christmas Cake or Gift Box. 

How to Order? 

At My Collective we want to make the process of organising staff and client Christmas gifts as easy as possible.

We have a wide range of gift boxes and Christmas cake options available.

Large orders are for 10 cakes or more, we encourage these to be placed before 30th of November to ensure your staff, clients or suppliers receive these before close of business. 

To discuss your options or to place a large order phone 0273411512 or email

Custom Packaging

Add you're own touch! This service enables you to custom design our packaging with your companies logo or a personalised message engraved on the lid of the box.

The logo and message is to be supplied by your company and we'll take care of the rest. 

Custom orders for Christmas need to be placed by the 1st of November 2020 and sent directly to or ordered by phone 0273411512. These will usually take 4 weeks to craft and deliver.

Why a My Collective Christmas Cake?

If you're looking for an alternative present this year or want to compliment that bottle of wine then a My Collective Christmas Cake is the perfect choice. 

These homemade, authentic Christmas Cakes are baked and hand decorated, the packaging is not only enticing but makes it easy to wrap and can be reused once that delicious treat has disappeared. 

Match our cakes with any of our other great products from our favourite NZ companies to make the perfect gift.